With the weather changing, it’s a good time to think about making some repairs and adjustments to your eyeglasses. For example, if your eyeglasses are feeling tight on your face, you may need to have the temples adjusted. Likewise, if the glasses seem to be slipping down your nose, the bridge may need to be tightened. You can also adjust the tension of the screws that hold the lenses in place. If you’re not sure how to do any of these things, take them to our optician at Indi Visual Eyes in Sacramento, CA.

What Types of Repairs Can Be Done on Eyeglasses?

An optician’s most common repair is tightening screws and hinges. If a screw has come loose, it can usually be tightened with a simple screwdriver. However, if the screw is stripped (meaning the head of the screw is no longer intact), it will need to be replaced. This is a simple repair that an optician can do in just a few minutes at an eyewear boutique.

Another common repair is to adjust the nose pads. If your glasses are slipping down your nose, the nose pads likely need to be adjusted. This is a quick and easy fix that an optician can perform at their eyewear boutique while you wait.

If your glasses break, you may be tempted to try to fix them yourself. However, we recommend that you take them to your optician for repairs. This is because glasses are delicate and require special tools and expertise to fix them properly.

What if You Don’t Need Repairs, but Your Glasses Need Adjusting?

You may not need repairs if your glasses are just a little bit off. For example, if your glasses are slipping down your nose or sitting too low on your ears, they can be adjusted. This is a simple process that our optician can do quickly and easily.

They may also be able to adjust the tension of the screws that hold your lenses in place. This is a good idea if your glasses feel loose or if the lenses seem to be moving around in the glasses frames.

What if Your Glasses Are Beyond Repair?

If your glasses are beyond repair, you’ll need to get new ones. At Indi Visual Eyes, we have a wide selection of designer glasses frames that you can choose from. We also have an in-house lab so we can get your new custom eyeglasses made quickly and efficiently.

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