If you’re interested in tinting the lenses of your prescription eyewear or sunglasses, we’re here to help! Indi Visual Eyes offers lens tinting services and has a wide selection of shades to choose from. We can help make it easy for you to tint eyeglasses in Sacramento, CA. We offer eyeglasses, glasses frames, custom eyeglasses, designer glasses frames, and more at our eyewear boutique

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Finding the Right Tint for Your Glasses

We offer tints in many different shades and will help you to pick out a tint that’s a good fit for your needs. We also offer designer glasses frames for your lenses. Not only does tinting your lenses change the look of your glasses, but it can protect your eyes in many ways.

Gray Tints

Lenses with a gray tint can be an effective way to prevent eye fatigue. It’s a flexible shade that you can wear whether it’s sunny or cloudy outside.

Brown and Amber Tints

If you struggle with depth perception, tinting your lenses a shade of brown or amber could improve your vision. These tint shades can also enhance color contrast.

Green Tints

Green lenses offer many of the same benefits that gray, brown, and amber lenses do. In addition, wearing glasses with green lenses can help protect your eyes from glare.

Blue and Purple Tints

Both blue and purple lenses can provide your eyes with protection from UV rays. These lenses will allow you to see clearly in sunny weather and on hazy or foggy days.

Yellow Tints

Wearing glasses with yellow-tinted lenses can help to combat eye strain. Yellow lenses can also filter out blue light, making this tint shade an excellent choice for people that spend a lot of time in front of computer screens.

Pink and Red Tints

Pink and rent tints can both help your eyes adjust to contrast. They improve depth perception and reduce glare, making this tint a good option for many environments.

Our optician can tint the lenses on a pair of glasses you have now. You can also choose to apply a tint to brand-new glasses. We offer designer frames and more at our eyewear boutique.

Explore Our Eyewear Boutique

If you’re in need of new eyewear, make sure you take the time to explore our eyewear boutique. Not only do we have a great selection of designer frames, but we also offer custom eyeglasses. All of our work is done in-house, which means there’s less wait for you.

Whether you opt for custom eyeglasses or designer glasses frames, we can tint the lens or make other adjustments to the glasses that you pick out. We want to help you find eyewear that’s exactly right for you.

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Now is the perfect time to check out our eyewear boutique and take advantage of our lens tinting services. We at Indi Visual Eyes are here to help you pick out your next pair of glasses or customize the glasses frames that you have right now! Give us a call at (916) 444-3012 or visit us in person in Sacramento, CA, if you’d like to learn more from an optician on our optical team. We offer eyeglasses, glasses frames, custom eyeglasses, designer frames, and more at our eyewear boutique.