If your current frames are broken, damaged, or have simply gone missing, we’re here to help. At Indi Visual Eyes in Sacramento, CA, we have designer frames, custom eyeglasses, and more. You can pick out your frame replacements at our eyewear boutique.

How We Can Help

Even if you need new glasses, you don’t necessarily need new lenses. If your frames have been damaged, we may be able to grind down your old lenses and put them in a new pair of frames. This means you’ll be able to get a new pair of glasses without having to wait. An optician on our team will take your measurements and fit your old lenses to your new frames while you wait. In most cases, we’ll be able to send you home with your frame replacements in less than an hour. You’ll be able to see clearly, and you’ll have glasses that you’re happy with.

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The Perfect Eyewear for You

Not only do we have a large selection of designer glasses frames, but we also offer custom glasses with in-house lab work. When you visit our eyewear boutique, you’ll be able to find flattering frames that are a good fit for your lifestyle. We’ll work with you to find frames in the right size, shape, and color. You’re welcome to try on different designer frames, but if none of them are right for you, we’ll work with you to create custom eyeglasses that fit your old lenses. Since we do everything in-house, you’ll be able to get your glasses without having to wait. Most customers can get replacement frames in as little as one hour.

Same-Day Service

Whether you choose designer glasses frames or have us create custom glasses for you, you’ll be able to walk away with replacement frames on the same day you come to our office! Once we’ve placed your lenses into your new frames, we’ll make adjustments and make sure that you’re happy with the fit. If you don’t have a pair of backup glasses on-hand, losing or damaging your glasses can be an emergency. With our help, you won’t have to deal with blurry vision for long. You’ll be able to move your current lenses into a brand-new pair of frames right away.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Eye Care Professionals in Sacramento, CAA

If your current frames have been damaged and you need frame replacements, it’s time to see an optician in Sacramento, CA! Indi Visual Eyes can replace your frames right away and help you find glasses you love! To make an appointment, call (916) 444-3012.