We at Indi Visual Eyes are an eyewear boutique serving Sacramento, CA. Since then, our team has been in business has over 35 years of experience, offering custom eyeglasses and designer frames. Our team is dedicated to creating a personalized product that fully meets the needs of our patients. In order to accomplish that goal, we’ve assembled an optician team of professionals with the experience and passion needed to provide eyewear, eyeglasses, glasses frames, custom eyeglasses, and more.

Meet the Optician

At Indi Visual Eyes, our family-owned and operated business is staffed with seasoned professionals who specialize in house lab work. Our optician is Curtis Chapman, who helps create designer glasses frames for our patients. Our optician team recognizes the importance of designing unique frames and eyeglasses that are personalized for the client. This sort of customization allows us to truly meet the needs of the client, particularly in rare cases.

How We Design Eyewear

In order to create the product, our optician focuses on craft production, customizable frame parts, and the needs of each specific patient. His approach is made for comprehensive eyewear design.

The Importance of Proper Eyeglasses and Eyewear

We offer a wide variety of different types of eyeglasses to suite your needs. Though the primary function of eyeglasses is to help our patient see better, they can also help our patient look fashionable as well. That is why we offer services an eyewear boutique like designer frames, designer glasses frames, in house lab work, and potentially more.

Our Repair Services

Some eyewear just needs repair or lens reshaping to deal with a changing eye condition, which is why we also specialize in repair services. Essentially, we can provide a free adjustment by taking your lenses and re-fitting the frames, cutting new lenses, or turning your eyeglasses into sunglasses. If you want to know the specifics of this service, feel free to ask our optician any questions you have.

Contact Us for Designer Eyewear

If you need fashionable and functional eyewear, call us at Indi Visual Eyes serving Sacramento, CA. We can provide a wide number of services to help make sure that your eyewear needs are met. Whether you need repairs and adjustments to old glasses, or you need new ones, we can help. We can help provide you with eyewear, eyeglasses, glasses frames, custom eyeglasses, and more. Call us at (916) 444-3012 for our optician.